Nadia, age 11

"It was interesting to learn drama through games instead of just reading a script. I really enjoyed the experience of learning to change my whole personality, my movements, my voice, my appearance, and become someone else entirely. I hope I can participate in more experiences like this in the future."

  Milana, age 9

"Drama makes me feel more energised and happy!"

Sophie, age 10

" It was a great experience working with kids of all ages, especially because I don't usually get to work with younger kids. I was surprised that we were able to do such a good play in just 2 days & with 3 different age groups!"

Natalia, Parent

"It was incredible to see the girls take ownership of the story and create a whole new world in four short days.  Kate empowered them and helped build their confidence as storytellers. These qualities help not only in theatre but in so many other aspects of life."

Kimberly, Parent

"I highly recommend Kate's Drama Camps as my daughter loves them & always comes home happy! She's very proud of the work that they do/plays that they create!"